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Here at Mark Summers Hair Extensions we have been working alongside some of the worlds biggest hair extension brands.


Hair Extensions are great for a wide range of clients.

 Over the 12+ years of working in the hair industry I have had clients come to see me with a variety of different reasons for looking to try hair extensions, clients looking to thicken their hair, add length, clients with damage from previous hair treatments or badly fitted hair extensions & clients who have completed chemotherapy.​


Clients can feel reassured that the service I provide is extremely professional with a friendly touch.

Firstly, I asses the client to see if they are suitable for hair extensions. Next we discuss the options that are suitable for the client as well as matching the colour up from a wide range of colours for the best possible blend. Once the Hair Extensions have been fitted the most important part is the cut, this ensures a perfect finish leaving no giveaways. I always make sure that my client is extremely happy with the results.

All clients are then advised on aftercare.


 Clients then have the choice on different maintenance options.

The hair extensions generally last 6 months but with the correct aftercare and products used they can last 12+ months.​


" I absolutely love meeting new clients , its such an amazing feeling to be able to give someone so much confidence "​


My aim is providing the highest quality hair extensions available with a professional and friendly service!


​Mark Summers​​​