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How Much Does Hair Extensions Cost?

Their are many different types of hair extensions available, more and more people are chucking away their clip-ins and opting for a longer lasting method. But what's the average price you should be paying for good quality hair extensions fitted by a proffesional?

Hair extensions have slowly increased in prices due to the demand , the hair also goes through a lengthy colouring process. Their are also a few other factors which contribute to the costs of the hair extension like the type of hair (russian/indian) wether it is single or double drawn (thickness from root to tip) and the amount of hair per hair extension. Ofcourse it all depends how much your stylist is charging for the fitting fee aswell as removal and maintenance.

What is the average cost?

The average cost for a half head can be anywere from £100-£250 and £250-£700 for a full head. This all depends on the amount and length used.

The good thing about hair extensions is that most of them can be reused which makes them cost effective, good quality hair normally lasts around 6-12 months. It can seem expensive at the start but you would only be paying for removal & refits after this.