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What Brand Of Hair Extensions Are The Best?

When it comes to choosing a hair extensions brand it can be tricky to find a high-quality product if your new to the hair world. There are many brands available all claiming to be the best, but which ones live up to their standards?

I have worked alongside many brands over the years of being in the hair industry, most of which live up to their standards but also a few that really don't get much of a thumbs up from me.

I have to say that Remi Cachet is by far my favorite brand, over the years they have really excelled themselves by constantly updating their product ranges. They have brought out many new products some of which (ultra-tips) have been a game-changer. The color range produced by Remi Cachet is so diverse allowing you to be versatile and creative. The customer service they deliver is also fantastic.

Another worldwide famous brand is Great Lengths, the hair they produce is of extremely high quality. The hair can be more towards the higher price range, which can put people off but this is due to their lengthy process the hair goes through for quality checks.

Always make sure to do your research before choosing which brand you go for. It's a lengthy and at times expensive process so you want to make sure you are getting the most out of what you are paying for.

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